Guide to Blogging – first section now up

If there is one thing that I’ve found is that there isn’t much on the internet to guide academics in the humanities on how to use, setup, or to understand blogs for research or purposes of impact and dissemination.  There are individual blog posts about it giving advice, but not too much in the way of actual guides. I thought I would therefore create a quick guide to blogging as an additional feature to this blog as my own small contribution.  At the moment only the first introductory section is up – Uses of Blogs for Historians – but much more will follow under these headings:


  1. 1.       Uses of blogs for historians
  2. 2.       Setting up a blog
  3. 3.       Promoting your blog
  4. 4.       Shared blogs
  5. 5.       Creating content
  6. 6.       Paying for enhanced features
  7. 7.       Going further

Please do have a look and if you have any thoughts about how the section can be improved (or have knowledge of other resources that have been missed out) please fill in the comment box below to let me know.  I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts as I want this mini-tutorial to be useful.

To access the guide click on the menu item at the top of this blog or click here: Guide to Blogging

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