Podcasting academic research: PhD-Casts and Viva-Voce (Social Scholar, 18 February 2015)

The Social Scholar seminar is back with another lunchtime session, this time on Wednesday 18 February 2015, 1pm-2pm, in room 243 (Senate House). This week our focus will be on Research and Podcasts, and how audio and video can be an aid to the researcher and administrator in promoting the work that is done and building connections.

Title: Podcasting academic research: PhD-Casts and Viva-Voce – giving voice to your research

Speakers: Gemma Sou (University of Manchester); John Gallagher (University of Cambridge)

Abstract: What is it that you actually do? The humanities researcher is often asked this question and it is often difficult to give an adequate answer. In this session we look at two examples of how social media can help especially in the form of video and audio podcasting. Viva Voce is a series of 4 minute audio podcasts where researchers can talk
about their research in an accessible way to a non-specialist audience and as a means of dissemination and sharing. PhDCasts offers an alternative approach of longer video podcasts done in an interview style. Gemma Sou and John Gallagher will describe these projects and share examples of best practise, challenges, and their views
on using podcasts and other social media to create impact around research in the arts and humanities.

The seminar is FREE but we request that you RSVP via Eventbrite.

We have an interview blog post on the SAS blog where both speakers talk about their podcast projects and explain what they will be talking about on the day.

Here is John Gallaghar and the co-founder of Phd-Casts Richard Blakemore talking about their ‘season two’ of videos.

And here is a quick video of Gemma Sou, founder of Viva-Voce talking about the reasons why she started the project.

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