This page contains videos and podcasts developed for the Blogging for Historians project and a selection of other videos and podcasts.

The Social Scholar

A series of free lunchtime seminars on the topic of social media and the arts and humanities held by the School of Advanced Study since 2013. To see the list of all videos click on the tab on the top-left of the video player.

Blogging for Historians Audio Podcasts

Interview #1: Ruth Ford – The National Archives Blog

Download     Information

Interview #2: Tim Hitchcock – Historyonics Blog

Download     Information

Interview #3: Margaret Makepeace and Penny Brook – Untold Lives Blog

Download     Information

Interview #4: Caroline Dodds Pennock – History Matters Blog

Download     Information 

Interview #5: Sharon Howard – The Early Modern Commons

Download     Information

Interview #6: Miriam Dobson – The Russian History Blog

Download     Information

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